Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Public Statement from The Department of Italian Moms

Hello, 'nice kids!'

This is the email and attached Word doc I got from my mom last night. (I love that she called it an 'article', so I had to include that in my 'bog.')

Take it away, Jayne:

Hi Honey,

Finally got time to write my thanks to your friends for their response to your article.
Hope it's ok. I could have written more but I think it says it all.
Love Mom

I want to thank all of you who answered my daughter Christine’s plea to help me get out of the “dumps” after my unexpected trauma.

The first day I received a package marked “Jayne Conley’s Book Club," I thought Oh no, I’m into something I did not order. When I realized what was going on and why, I was overwhelmed by the time, effort and expense that was put into this project by some pretty wonderful people. Some I knew and some I did not.

I received some pretty good “stuff” including cards and notes telling me why they picked a particular book along with get well wishes and prayers. I separated them all and kept the cards and notes attached to the 50 some books I received and the CD that was made by Liz of California.

I am happy to report I am all better and doing fine. I was released for work and am back to the real world. I have all your names in my heart and will never forget you generosity and kindness that made this situation a lot better.

Love to All
Jayne Conley

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